Q3 2021-22

December 2021

01.12.2021 : Preparations for Christmas fasting

In preparation for Christmas, many children attended the Holy Mass in the church today and prayed and gave the children serpents and verses to do for 25 days.

*The children sang the hymns to be recited each day and prepared for Christmas with the use of each assignment.

*In 25 days, the status videos were given to the group and Unni was ready to welcome Jesus.

02.12.2021 : Executive Meeting. (Feast) 

03.12.2021 : Feast of St. Francis Xavier

CML members offer special prayers in preparation for the feast of St. Francis Xavier, mediator with the Mission League

The children attended in holy name and held a public reception of Divine Mercy

05.12.2021 : Feast of the name of the vicar’s father

The feast of our beloved vicar by the name of St. Francis Xavier was beautifully performed and celebrated by the members. The children greeted the father and prayed during the program which was conducted with various art activities

Respected Vicar wished the Feast of St Francis through poster and video.

08.12.2021 : End of the year for Josephine

Today, the day of the end of the year for St. Joseph, the Holy Intercession was specially requested by the CML members.

Reception for St. Joseph Nominees

Joseph especially remembered the names, prayed and greeted them.

Immaculate Conception

As part of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a special poster was put up in the CML group to wish CML Animator Sister Shalini a happy Feast.

       They held an extraordinary meeting and a public reception

11.12.2021 : Managing Committee

The Managing Committee was convened to think about the program being prepared in preparation for Christmas and to make the necessary arrangements.

12.12.2021 : Branch Council

19.12.2021: Bible Sunday Logo’s Quiz

23.12.2021 : Town Carol

         Town Carol CML members enthusiastically participated in the 23rd Preparation for Christmas and proclaimed the Nativity of Jesus.

24.12.2021 : Christmas tree

Mission League members made Christmas tree items under the direction of the Venerable Vicarand prepare thousands of packages.After two divine sacrifices the children distributed the Christmas tree

Carol night

      Conducted with various events of CML members The nightt was very beautiful for children.

25.12.2021 : Christmas Tree

26.12.2021: 23rd Year of Priest hood

28.12.2021: Feast of Holy Innocents

11th Year of priesthood

31.12.2021 : Worship at the end of the year

The CML members bowed their heads together before the grace of God for the past one year

January 2022

01.01.2022 : New Year’s Eve

The missionaries who participated in the saints entered the New Year with new hopes and greeted the New Year with prayers.Everyone greeted each other

03.01.2022 : Feast of the Holy Martyr Father

Today, on the feast day of the Holy Father, the children of the Mission League participated in the Holy Sacrifice and prayed for the Holy Intercession.

*The poster was made and given to the children

06.01.2022 : Danaha Thirunal

09.01.2022: Feast

20.01.2022:Feast Of St Sebastian

26.01.2022: Ablaze

31.01.2022: St Don Bosco

February 2022

04.02.2022 : Executive meeting

05.02.2022 : Church cleaning

06.02.2022 : Managing Committee

13.02.2022 : Branch Council

                    The rosary army : online

20.02.2022 : Call of God Seminar : Sr. Karunnya & Sr.Irin

29.02.2022 Samrpitha Dhinam

March 2022 : 

06.03.2022 : Dawn Flowers : New Vedic Reunion

Zoom meet ( for classes 8,9,10) 

06.03.2022 : Executive Meeting

Regional Annual : cathedral

13.03.2022 : Branch Anniversary

                      Loving room

                       Gift giving 

     Mission Quiz : Honoring the winners

19.03.2022 : Managing Committee

20.03.2022 : Pilgrimage to the Male Cross

                      Visit to Kontha village

25.03.2022 : Mangalavartha Thirunal

27.03.2022 : Call of God Seminar : by CSN sister’s 

27.03.2022 : Exam preparation prayer

April 2022

April 2-Executive meeting

Saints corner – April 3

Managing committee – April 3

വിളവെടുപ്പ് April 3

അനാഥാലയ സന്ദർശനം – April 5

Padanasahayam study table – April 8

Visit from minor seminary- April 10

Oshana തിരുനാൾ -April 10

ജപമാല April – 12

Newspaper collection April – 14

ദുഃഖവെള്ളി ആചരണം ഏപ്രിൽ – 15

കുരിശിൻ്റെ വഴി ഏപ്രിൽ – 15

Udhanathirunal ഏപ്രിൽ – 16

സൗഹൃദം April – 24

രോഗീസന്ദർശനം April 26

May 2022

Viswasolsavam ഒരുക്കം – May 1

Managing committee – May 1

Sevens – May 2

ശാഖാ കൗൺസിൽ – May 2

ആധുനിക വിശുദ്ധ seminar – May 3

Executive meeting – May 3

വല്ലാർപാടം തീർത്ഥാടനം -May 3

Seminar വ്യക്തിത്വം aakarshakamakan May – 4

Tablo competition May – 4

Quiz – May 4

Seminar വിശുദ്ധ കൂദാശകൾ – May 5

Bible skit May – 5

എൻ്റെ മിഷൻ league അനുഭവം – May 8

75ൻ്റെ നിറവിൽ ആദരവോടെ May – 10

Padanasahayam – May 10

രൂപതാ ക്യാംപ് May – 11

Nurses day celebration May – 12

Mission station help May – 13

ഫാത്തിമ മാതാവിൻറെ തിരുന്നാൾ May – 13

ഇന്ത്യയുടെ പ്രഥമ വിശുദ്ധൻ May – 15

വികാരിയച്ചന് യാത്രാമംഗളങ്ങൾ may – 15

Incendio മേഖല ക്യാമ്പ് May – 17