Q2 2021-22

September 2021

01.09.2021 : The beginning of the Eight Day Lent of Mary

CML members prayed for the intercession of the Blessed Mother in preparation for her birthdayThe children were inspired by the life of the Holy Mother, given in the status video group for eight days

05.09.2021 :

Executive meeting

Today’s Managing Committee discussed the preparations for Thirunal on September 8 and decided on the arrangements for the birthday celebrations of the Venerable Vicar.

  Feast of St. Mother Teresa

Today, the feast day of the saint, he gave a message about St. Mother Teresa, the angel of mercy.CML Group made a poster and reminded the children to beg specifically for the intercession of St. Mother Teresa.

       Teachers day

06.09.2021 : Managing Committee

The executive meeting online platform joined at 6pm today All the Executive Officers were present at the meeting.Reverend Vicars Birthday Celebration Father’s Remembrance In Maliparambil The meeting ended with the necessary arrangements being made

07.09.2021 : With the shepherd

Respected Vicar’s feast was celebrated by the members of the CML in a very festive manner.Fifty children, including CML office bearers and members, attended the meeting which was held in the evening at the Parish Hall.The children informed their father of feast day greetings through art shows and greetings gifts Vicar cut the cake and gave it to all the children and gave a small gift to everyone as a special experience for the children. 

08.09.2021 : Birthday of the Blessed Mother

They made a poster video for the children in the group to make the birthday of the Holy Mother look very festive, Reverend Vicar greeted the children with greetings and video posters

Birthday Card Making, സ്നേഹപൂർവ്വം അമ്മക്ക്, അമ്മക്കരികിൽ

Birthday Greeting To Dear Father

09.09.2021 :  Death anniversary Of Rev. Fr. Maliparambil

*The group produced and distributed the poster

*General Divine Mercy Reception. The extraordinary meeting was held online and there the  Maliparambil gather commemorated in the message field

10.09.2021 : Media Team Training

The training program of the media team working in our parish was led by the Rev. Fr Jeevan Forty people, including media team members, filmmakers and other members, attended the training section

വിദ്യാഭാസ സഹായം, Death anniversary Of Rev. Fr. Maliparambil

12.09.2021 : Literary Competition Branch Level

The children of the branch participated in a literary competition called Srishti 2021

13.09.2021:Joint Directors Meets

14.09.2021: വിശുദ്ധ കുരിശിന്റെ പുകഴ്ചയുടെ തിരുന്നാൾ


19.09.2021 : Call of God Seminar

All the senior class children actively participated in the Divine Call seminar, which was conducted to clear the doubts of the children to make them aware about Diwali and its specialties. Father  sanjo led very beautiful classes in the service his experience is intertwined with the experience of life through the mediation of the price and its glory

21.09.2021 : കലാമത്സരം : ശാഖാതലം

22.09.2021 : Congratulations Dear Father

24.06.2021: Feast Day Of Dear Sisters

Preparation For Feast Of ST Little Flower

26.09.2021 : Seminar on self esteem

Organised nurturing classes aimed at personal development of children and instilling confidence in them.The children eagerly attended the Rev father class. This class has helped in inculcating self-esteem in children through different and engaging activities.

Seminar On Self – Esteem

27.09.2021: St Vincent De Paul

29.09.2021 : Media Team Meeting Branch Level

At the branch level, the media team members came together and took the necessary suggestions for the meeting under the respectful and emotional leadership of the branch to further strengthen the media activities in the branch.

Welcome Dear Teachers


October 2021

01.10.2021 : Feast of The Little Flower

Divine Mercy Reception Membership Renewal

        October 1, the feast day of The Little Flower, was attended by children in the holy name and the dedication of the vision was carried out by the officers in charge of the mission.Public Divine Mercy Reception These were held at an extraordinary meeting.

*The release of the documentary was given to the poster group

Membership Renewal

On the feast day of St. Little Thrace, mediator of the Little Flower Mission League, everyone distributed their membership.Respected Vikariachan delivered the message to the children.

02.10.2021: Feast of Guardian angels

03.10.2021 : Mission League Flag Day 75 Foundation Day

Children celebrated Holy Sacrifice today, the founding day of Mission League Flag Day The children attended the rally holding flags, praying especially for the founding members of the Mission League

Reunion of Little Flower Nominees

The children of the parish paid special homage to the names of St. Little Flower and prayed for them

04.10.2021 : Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

The poster was given to the group and encouraged all to pray to the saint.

10.10.2021 : Personality Development Seminar

         Fr. Clement

12.10.2021: Blessed Carlo Acutis

13.10.2021: Revive

15.10.2021 : Feast Of St Teresa of Avila And Feast Of our Dear Sister

16.10.2021: കുഞ്ഞച്ചൻ തിരുന്നാൾ And Mission Experience Sharing

17.10.2021 :

Mission Sunday

Mission Tree was organized under the leadership of CML members and the entire parish community participated in it.The children received the missionaries especially to pray to the branch regarding the holy name and prayed for the village

          Missionary Rally Mission Sunday

Along with the missionaries, the children chanted slogans and held an audience rally.Respected father delivered the message

18.10.2021: Feast Of St Luke

22.10.2022: ST Paul 2 Feast

27.10.2021 : Biblique

28.10.2021: Feast Celebration

30.10.2021 :

Jubilee Tree, Sakha Council, Japamala Samapanam, Managing Committee

November 2021

01.11.2021 : Feast of All Saints

The children made a post in the group and convinced them of the importance of Thirunal

Cemetery cleaning

In memory of all the dead believers, in the month of November the children together cleaned the CM-led cemetery and decorated it beautifully.

02.11.2021 : Feast of All the Dead

On the feast day, the children attended the Holy Mass and prayed in remembrance of the dead believers and Visited the cemetery

03.11.2021: Jubilee Challenge

04.11.2021: Teachers Day

14.11.2021 : Managing committee (Planing of Sristi 2021)

Welcome For Little Kids

21.11.2021 : Golden Jubilee

22.11.2021 : Feast Of ST Cecilia

28.11.2021 : Honouring Church Choir